About Us

                          Our Vision
Our Vision is to develop excellent sustainable programs towards the improvement of the livelihood of the poor.

                        Our Mission
Our Mission is to establish a self-sustaining program that improves the livelihood of the poor through provision of best practices in technical and business skills, market development, access to finance and environmental management hence enhance the quality of lives of the poor women and youth.

For Akpesiri, life on the streets means eating from garbage and relying on church welfare support at all times
 For Ochuko, who has been living without a job for five years, the probability of finding a job and place to live are non-existent
 Six people fall into extreme poverty in Nigeria every minutes
 90 million Nigerians live in extreme poverty. This means half of Nigeria’s population.
 Unemployment rate within the Niger delta have continued to rise with Akwa Ibom leading with 37.70%, Rivers 36.40%, Bayelsa 32.60%, Cross river 30.60%, Delta 25.40% and Edo 25.10%
Source: NBS “Labour force statistics Q3 2017
Developing a SUSTAINABLE EMPOWERMENT MODEL to empower women and youth towards living a fulfilled life and a better future.
 Improvement in the technical and business skills of beneficiaries through utilization of created demonstration farms around the region
 Efficient management of participants’ source of livelihood while at the same time building a sense of empowerment and confidence
 Development of personal skills to take advantage of changing business and societal environment
 To improve the livelihood and productivity of 25,000 women and youth within the region by 2025